Think Before You Tick

Privacy, one of the main concerns of today's internet users and yet people say they are concerned but how many actually read the privacy statement before clicking the tick box? How many people complain about getting spammed after not reading the privacy policy? Some sites make alot of money from selling your data so stop being so stupid and read the damn policy! If a site is offering a boat for filling in a survey - they are making the money to buy the boat from your information, if you dont want to get spammed or put into databases just dont attempt to win the boat that probably didn't exist anyway in the first place.

Privacy is a concern but only you can do something about your own privacy, whats the point in shredding or burning your mail and then posting your address to websites that are just going to give your information away for profit?

We all need to start being more aware of these things, we need to start reading before we tick and we must know and trust the places that we are posting data.

MySHH is now taking an initiative to provide full data protection along all things that people may use on a daily basis. We provide 100% private messaging along with OTR (Off the record) messaging. We provide a private phone network that only you have access too, secure and private VPNS and VPS for if you are worried that your ISP is tracking you. We are currently looking into more things that we can provide the public to ensure safety online and we will keep you updated.

If you have any questions or queries then as always just email and thank you so much for reading.