Web Leasing Update: v1.0.2

Post Published: 2015-07-21 12:40:30
Author: MySHH Website Design & Development.

Web Leasing Update: v1.0.2

We have just released the latest updates to our web leasing and myAdmin platforms. This update includes not just bug fixes but also some major enhancements to the UI (User Interface) and system.

Dashboard: Probably the first change you will notice upon logging in, you now have a fully functional dashboard in your myAdmin panel, showing you latest updates from MySHH and also things like post and page count. This is just the start, we are currently working on advanced visitro tracking so that you can have full statistics in your dashboard.

New Inbox: Contains all of your messages that get sent to you from your site. Never worry about loosing an email as now you have double protection AND the capability to reply directly from your myAdmin panel alongside your traditional email. Simply click your personal menu at the top right and select "Inbox". This means that when someone uses the contact form on your site you now have full message tracking.

Activity log update: The activity log is now showing nearly all user interactions and has the framework for our advanced reporting module (Coming soon). This means that you can already track what every admin is doing but means that in the future you will be able to pull in depth and filtered reports about actvity.

Login Page Fix: Error messages were not showing correctly, this is now fixed.

Slider Create Fix: There was an issue when creating a slider that prevented the actual slider image from shwoing on the main site. This is now fixed and was caused by special characters getting used in the image title field. We have now changed the upload and image rename script to account for special characters.

Hosted Files Updated: Hosted files is now changed to "File Box" this is to make it a bit more user friendly, the functionality remains the same, simply upload a file and you get a link to it. From here you can use this link anywhere on the web to display images, share documents, music or simply add content to your site.

Social Media Integration: We have now added a new page into your myAdmin panel called Social Media. Here you can simply add in the links to your social media sites so that your users can see these on your main website. This is just the start of our social media integration, soon you can expect live feeds and widgets for your site.

Google Analytics: Also on the social media page you can now enter your google analytics tracking ID, this then activates the tracking code on your website so that you have full monitoring and reporting of your users.

To update your site and backend simply login to your cpanel and click on update on your web leasing installer.

As always if you find any problems, or just want to say hi you can contact us at: https://www.myshh.net/clients/submitticktet.php

If you would like to order web leasing or want more information then please visit https://www.myshh.net/web-leasing.php

Thanks for reading this blog post and thanks for using MySHH as your web hosting and development partners, we love you for it :)


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