A new year and a new start for you to make changes in your life! MySHH is here to help you and get started with your dream.

To be able to get a good head start in today society is to make sure that you have a website. Without a website you decrease your chances of getting customers. 87% of consumers check the internet before making a purchase, you as a person or business miss out on the biggest opportunity to reach out to more potential customers.

It  doesn’t necessarily have to a serious business that has to have a website. Today you can use your website for what ever you like! :)

As an example:
Secondhand website:  You are a big family of 5 kids and with this comes things like clothes, toys, buggies, baby bottles and so much more that you do not longer need. Create your own website, sell world wide and style each of your items with personal details. Make something fun out of the things you no longer need!

Don’t wait and order yourself a website!