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Post Published: 2015-04-01 11:15:13
Author: MySHH Website Design & Development.

The Map

Make YOUR website the golden Treasure!

Let the world now where you are & guide them the securest way to your website!

- SSL Certificate

FREE Basic SSL (€10/yearly) Certificate per order!

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  • Single Domain

  • $10,000 Warranty

  • 15 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • NO Paperwork

  • 24/7 Email & Phone Support


What is an SSL Certificate & why does my website need one?

Getting hacked today is more common than most people actually know about! As the hackers are getting better and better it is up to us to make sure that YOUR WEBSITE is secure!

So, how can the SSL Certificate help you?

It will boost your customer’s confidence in buying with you!

Each day hundreds of thousands of people purchase something online! People or customers that actively buy online are constantly looking for the SSL Icon in your domain name.

Ex. Https = Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Security

Or look for the closed lock next to the domain name.

This proves that you are aware of your customers details and their privacy and has taken the extra step to make sure that their information and payment details are secure! SSL provides trust and security for your customers and also proved to the customers that you are the one you say you are!

The SSL certificate does not only secure your website but also encrypt and secure your emails, databases, customer orders, product information and all the communications to and from your domain name is secure!
The Certificate offers also up to a 128 or 256-bit encryption of maximum security of data and a verified security seal that you can place on your website.

It automatically helps and increase your websites’ Google rankings due to proven security, it will also help you on other search engines such as Yahoo, Bing etc! A GREAT way to increase your SEO!!

So todays’ Easter present we are GIVING AWAY a FREE MySHH SSL Certificates on ANY deal or website package!
If you’re looking to contact us directly for a special customized website then please add to your email the discount coupon: TheMap
The offer is only valid for 24 hours so don’t wait with sending of the email! :)


See you tomorrow! :)





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