The Chicken

Post Published: 2015-03-31 11:13:28
Author: MySHH Website Design & Development.

The Chicken

Don’t feel like a hen this year!
- Now you can keep ALL of your chicks under control with ease!


It is now the second day of EASTER GIFTS GIVEAWAY!

Do you often feel that you have to put in SO MUCH more effort than usual? That’s probably because you do!
Now you have the chance to move further in to the online market, increase your sales and DECREASE your work effort!

The MySHH Web shop + has everything you need! Easy product maintenance, full tracking of payments and inventory and much more!


Web shop +

€40 Discount coupon



So what do you get with your web shop?

Let us tell you!

You will get a fully integrated web shop solution designed to fit your needs and requirements,

Integrated payment gateway solution, Choose which one you prefer! Eg. Visa, PayPal, American Express etc.

  • Full HTML and CSS 3 Mark up
  • MySHH Website Management
  • 24hours FULL support of your website
  • Support and an in depth guidance on how you can get started with your website
  • Basic SEO & Search engine submission, submitting to 100 different search engines


This is the PERFECT package for the one who wants to take it too the next level!
In you web shop you will be able to sell ANYTHING and receive ONLINE PAYMENTS from WORLD WIDE with the highest

The discount is valid one per order, but as we have said before, YOU CAN PLACE AS MANY ORDERS AS YOU LIKE!

This time we have even made it even easier for you! When you go through ordering a MySHH Web Shop + package you will get your €40 discount coupon automatically added!


Have a lookout for the little chicken!!




Offer only valid when hosted with MySHH Creative Design.

Amazing Webshop Design

Created by teamwork your website will become another work of art.

We don't just offer website design, we offer a masterpiece that is tailored to your every wish. Designed and optimized to promote and sell your products / services, MySHH will amaze you.

Join our happy customers and get an online presence that will knock your competition out of the water.

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