The Supercloud of UK

Post Published: 2015-11-04 11:15:59
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The Supercloud of UK

Recently the United Kingdom has openly announced that plans for the next London PSN (Public Service Network).

It's been announced that the new cloud will work as a capital-wide hybrid cloud to help and connect all of the local councils to the cloud, from here they will be able to use all of the needed services, applications and information.

ICT director Geoff Connell that said that the new LondonPSN cloud will be much more use full to all councils across the capacity, but there are still a long way to go. Since LondonPSN consists of 33 separate and independent parties/organisations the styling complete features of the hybrid cloud needs to be made, but also the final development such as,

  • It needs to be able to embrace the likes of the major online shopping stores such as Amazon and Ebay.

  • It also needs to be able to embrace the likes of the largest Search Engines Optimizations of Google, Microsoft, Bing etcetera.

For the local councils the new hybrid cloud will provide a common connections between the local councils of London where they will be able to make good use of it. As Camden Council CIO Jackson agreed on in an interview by the Computer Weekly he said,

The advantage of this approach is that we, as councils, could start multi-tenanting and consolidating our applications in the cloud,” he said.

As we all know there is always a need to cut costs within any Government, by developing the new shared hybrid cloud the councils can efficiently use the extracted data that will be easy accessible for the councils. The information, services and applications can then be used and shared in a safe manner, registered information, increased work effort and minimized the workload.
The security structure of the cloud will be developed in such a way so that PSN will have it much easier to control and manage and will save loads of money in the long run.

The interests of the new Hybrid cloud has spread and the interest about join the new network is being discussed amongst other public services (such as the Emergency Services and NHS organisations), but for now the PSN will stay on the line as a London based cloud sharing, they will make sure that everything is well-developed and have full security before releasing the cloud. PSN want to make sure that the Shared Hybrid Cloud project kicks off the ground and everything is fully working correctly before bringing in surrounding councils.

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