SMS & MMS System!

Post Published: 2015-08-31 11:09:59
Author: MySHH Website Design & Development.

SMS & MMS System!

Welcome to the new MySHH SMS and MMS system!


So how can I use an SMS system for my business? Let us tell you!

The SMS system is a GREAT way to receive more customers on to your website and business! You can use for all of your mobile marketing, online marketing and regular advertising! Send your customers detailed information about your products and services together with vouchers or other discounts. It’s also perfect for emergency situations when you have run out of credit on your mobile!


Let us give you a few example on how you can pull benefits from this system!

Let say you are a Real Estate agent and you have a property for Sale.
Outside the property you set up a board with your phone number and contact information.
Your goal is to raise interest and viewings for this specific property, right?
What people like to do first, before contacting you, is to get some more information to see if it’s something they would be interested in viewing.
This is where the SMS system come in!
What you have to do is to add the SMS and MLS number on to your board, and from there anyone that passes by, or drives by, can easily send an SMS with the property MLS number and in return they will receive an SMS/MMS with the property details, images, prices and how they can get in contact with YOU for a viewing.


Another example is online advertising such as banners, Google ads, and click ads etcetera.

When creating your online ads you add the SMS number related to your product on your add, as an example,

"50% discount voucher on this beautiful summer dress, send “My summer dress” to 123456!"

When you have arranged your discount voucher within the company, anyone that views your ad and sends “My summer dress” to the SMS number you will receive an instant SMS to the system from where you can replay to the phone number with the valid discount voucher or other promotional code!

People LOVE Discounts, Direct information and FREE products!

In this way you will also collect hot leads and can send future SMS with more advertising, special offers and FREE give away vouchers!
You can Copy and Print your leads or Save in Excel, CSV and PDF!

Another way to use your SMS system in advertising is,

Create a FREE account with (your company) and receive FREE SMS with discounts, special promotions and receive information about our latest products or services!"


The SMS/ MMS technique has shown very effective within all kinds of businesses for advertising, and is very popular amongst customers and clients.


Another great way is for your receptionist/ staff to contact your customers or clients directly without getting the classic “Sorry I haven’t had the time to read my emails” or “sorry I’ve missed your call, I have been too busy”. Sending an SMS is fast and easy and will deliver all of your important message directly to the recipient.
By having an SMS system you will be able to contact your customers and staff, and provide your clients with direct information, change meetings, schedules etcetera.

Hi! Mr. Smith would like to inform you that your meeting on Tuesday the 23de has been re scheduled from 9am to 3pm! I have also sent you a confirmation via email


You will also be able to view and respond to all received SMS!


Get in contact with MySHH directly via email for more information and how you can have your own SMS/MMS system set up in no time!
To contact MySHH direct, you can find the  contact number you at the bottom of this page!



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