Server Kernal.MySHH.Net .. Kicking Butt

Post Published: 2014-07-13 04:42:59
Author: MySHH Website Design & Development.

Server Kernal.MySHH.Net .. Kicking Butt

Last year we announced that our OpenVZ Virtual server hosting environment was completed with testing and was launching very soon. Exactly 316 Days ago we launched as a secured and managed OpenVZ environment and it hasn’t been offline since for even a minute a perfect 100% up time, something that we are very proud of here at MySHH.

Even before the launch of Kernal we done over a year of extensive testing to ensure that what we were launching to our clients was top of the line, stable and above all secure. Due to the initial success of our VPS servers we started work on optimizing the way that our clients can interact with our network to keep security above average and better than the competition. We now have multiple host nodes within our network and we will soon be releasing none managed VPS hosting where you will be able to connect to our network via VPN and then manage your server remotely. We currently only offer this to certain managed VPS clients but we are making this feature available to everyone in the very near future.

Be sure to check out our all new VPS packages along with our shared hosting infrastructure!

Also! Before you go don’t forget to check back to our blog soon as we will have more information about future promotions, products and services along with the exciting news about our new website and promotions strategy!

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