Spoiler Alert!

Post Published: 2015-07-13 08:20:53
Author: MySHH Website Design & Development.

Spoiler Alert!

Website leasing is one of THE MOST popular, easiest and fastest way to get a website online!

MySHH Creative Design is now giving YOU the chance of getting your very own website leasing already today!
You can send in a request for a consultation on the website or sign up straight away here and can start creating your website straight away!

Do whatever you want with your website

This is a great way for private and new businesses with a smaller budget to get their presence online. How it works basically is that you rent a website, it works the same as renting a property or a bike. The website is yours for as long as you wish to have it. You can edit/ change it as much as you like with content and colours, images, sliders you name it!

Now you can design your own website and manage it with ease even if you might not have any previous experience with website management before.
At MySHH, the fantastic development team has created and specially designed software with custom CMS system in place to make it as easy as possible to work with. The team has also designed new and gorgeous designs that has been specially design just for the website leasing!


Believe it or not but here is ANOTHER little spoiler!

Previously on the MySHH Website Leasing page it says that 4 pages are included but MySHH has now decided that you deserve more than that! Included in your set up fee you have now a total of 5 pages included for ONLY €50!

Home/Landing page
About Us page
Contact US page
Unlimited extra pages.
Blog post


If you wish to add more features during the order of your website leasing you will have the possibility to open up multiple different modules and tools such as a Gallery, be able to create more website pages, add special details and much more for a VERY LOW fee!!
These options will be also be available for you to add/purchase at ANY TIME in the future when having your website leasing with MYSHH!!


You will also be provided with a GREAT hosting!

Unlike other sites, MySHH offers you a FULL support 24 hours a day 7 days a week included in your website hosting where you can contact the MySHH Support team at any time if you have any kind of questions or issues, in need of assistance, requests for more features etcetera.

Amazing Webshop Design

Created by teamwork your website will become another work of art.

We don't just offer website design, we offer a masterpiece that is tailored to your every wish. Designed and optimized to promote and sell your products / services, MySHH will amaze you.

Join our happy customers and get an online presence that will knock your competition out of the water.

Free Domain Name

100% Free domain name of your choice.

MySHH will pay for and maintain your domain name on a yearly basis when using one of our services.

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