Register A Domain With MySHH!

Post Published: 2015-07-07 12:22:10
Author: MySHH Website Design & Development.

Register A Domain With MySHH!

Are you a newcomer to the web & not sure on how to get started with your dream website? Then you have come to the right place!

In this post you will be taken step by step on how to get started on how to search, find and purchase a domain name.

Before starting on your website you will have to make sure that your domain name is available.
When choosing your domain name you should think about making it as easy as possible to remember for online visitors, clients or customers.
You probably recognise domain names such as .com .eu .net .biz and .co, these domains are common on the internet and are therefore good to use since it is easy for online visitors to remember.
More people get their presence online every day and to have a more specific domain has become more popular than ever before!

There are GREAT names perfectly suited for different kind of companies and private sites such as .restaurant .pub .tattoo .pink and .photography!

Examples on how YOU can use these amazing domains.

If not sure on what kind of a domain name you are looking for and you want some more ideas then check out the MySHH Domain Name page for more suggestions for domains and prices.


Only register a Domain Name

  • When decided on your domain name you will have to search if it’s available. On the MySHH Domain page you can search for both a specific domain or get an overall availability.
    Simply enter your name ex. Mywebsite and hit “Search Domain”, you will be able to see all of the available domains in a list, choose the domain/s of your choice – Add to Cart, and simply proceed to check out.
  • Fill in your information as a New Customer (unless you already have an account with MySHH), choose your security question and payment method. If you have a promotional code or additional notes or info that you would like to add then please enter these ones in as well.
  • Check the Terms of Service and proceed to Checkout!
  • After completing the order a receipt is then sent to your email address.

Register a domain with a product

Getting the website as well? That’s GREAT!
Choose your package deal with MySHH and register you domain name whilst ordering. You can still search for your domain on the MySHH Domain page and enter the domain in the domain registration section when placing the order of your website!

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