We will soon be launching full voice over IP VOIP solutions for homes and businesses a found the globe.  We already have 2 dedicated powerhouse servers ready for our new offering and we are currently in final testing phase.

The MySHH VoIP service will offer not only speed and security but also low cost calls world wide and other services such as auto answering and free voicemail.

We will be offering international phone numbers at very low costs but also premium gold numbers in certain jurisdictions this way you get the best choice and service no matter where you are offering your services.

We will not be including an SMS service at launch time but you can expect to see this rolling out very soon.

This new service will come as very welcomed news for many MySHH customers as your current phone number prices will be reduced dramatically, please check your email to more information.

We will be updating you shortly about this service on this post so please keep an eye out if you are interested.

With thanks