MySHH Overhaul - The Time Has Come

Post Published: 2014-09-27 04:31:03
Author: MySHH Website Design & Development.

MySHH Overhaul - The Time Has Come

Welcome back to the MySHH Blog, it has been a busy few months here, developing websites, building the best real estate management software, making some videos, working on SEO, setting up a whole new server and virtual server offerings with KVM and now – to top it all off we have decided to restructure our shared hosting servers and completely redesign and develop our new website.

you will be noticing a lot of changes, all good changes, such as:

  • The structure and design of oIn the coming month ur website and client area is getting overhauled and optimized.
  • A faster shared hosting experience (even if you didn’t think it was possible).
  • VPS Package pricing (Yes.. its getting cheaper!).
  • The introduction of MySHH Real estate websites.
  • The launch of MySHH Sweden and MySHH North America’s own separate websites.
  • Even faster dedicated support and ticket answer time.

Our servers will be getting optimized, this will not effect any websites / servers hosted with us.

We are still pushing all clients to activate Cloudflare in their hosting cPanel to speedup and secure their websites, this is offered for free by MySHH as official Cloudflare partners.

If you have any questions or queries about the changes getting made please use the contact forms anywhere on our website, alternatively you can submit a ticket to us or contact us on our facebook page!


Thanks for reading!

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