My First Website!

Post Published: 2015-08-03 12:52:25
Author: MySHH Website Design & Development.

My First Website!

This is my VERY first website and I have no idea!
What do I want and what do I actually need?!

Many people get put off by getting a website because they think that it’s going to cost a fortune or they don’t know what they want or need, and chooses therefore to “get one later”.
But today it’s so EASY to get online! You can even put one together on your own direct online with just a few easy clicks!
So don’t be afraid and take the first steps to “I am getting a website!”
To get started you have to think about what you actually need and what the purpose of the website is. Below you will find a list of questions that is good to ask/prepare yourself with when getting your NEW WEBSITE!


What am I actually looking for in my new website?

What features?
Do I want Social Media connection? FB, Twitter, Instagram etc.
Do I require a blog on the website?
Do I want a website with or without sliders?
How often will I update my website?
Do I want to be able to update/ edit the website on my own?
What colours do I want on my website?
What kind of impression do I want to give my visitors? New and modern? Vintage? Handmade? Girly? Sporty?


What do I want to get out of my new website?

What is the purpose? Is it to be informative? to promote my business, myself or is it to sell my products or services online?


What kind of domain name am I looking for?

A good domain name is the KEY! Tip! A domain name should be easy to remember!
You have the original and professional domains such as .com, .net, .biz etc. or
create a new personalized domain name such as,,
Pick and choose, the choices are endless!


I’m looking for more advanced settings!

If you are looking for a more advanced website with customized systems or softwares, chat systems, call system etc. then note down these requirements when ordering or contacting your Web Designer/ Web Developer.
If you are not sure on what you actually need then contact the company direct by email or phone for assistance so that the support/ sales team can help you with your wishes.


I want something really simple!

Do you want to get online instantly to a very low cost?! Then Web leasing is what you are looking for!
With just a few easy clicks you can have your website online in 5 minutes! Choose you domain, the design, place payment, install and you are ready to go!


I think I’m Looking for something in between.

You can have a look on the MySHH Website Design Solutions and choose one of the amazing package deals. These packages has been put together on popularity from customers!


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