Your customized blog!

Post Published: 2015-08-26 08:16:03
Author: MySHH Website Design & Development.

Your customized blog!

Around the world blogging has reached higher than before, new domain names are being released and the social media just keeps on growing! Private or business it doesn’t matter!
Social media is the one of the most popular ways to reach out on to the market for both businesses and private bloggers, and what we all know the reason, because IT’S SO MUCH FUN!!

Anyone can easily get started with their own blog with just a few easy clicks but it’s not always the best way to go about it. Many people choose to get a blog within a forum or a portal so that it will be easier to find new friends and people with common interests, but what you also get is a very similar look to your next door neighbour and you very easy to blend in the crowd! Blending in to the crowed is the LAST thing you want to do as a successful blogger and by having the same structure/look as others is not good, what you want is an eye catching blog!

Finding new friends is no longer a problem and you don’t have to choose the easy way out, now you can have your own customized eye catching blog site with a domain name that stands out from the rest! Don’t blend in with the rest and take the next step!


Why should I choose to have a blog site, isn’t that more work and more complicated?

No absolutely not! Having your own blog site opens up more opportunities for you to speak your mind and share your interests without the restrictions! At MySHH you can sign up for your new blog site and have it looking really amazing and unique without costing a fortune!


But a regular blog account is so simple to manage, why should I choose to have a different one?

The reasons are simple! More and more bloggers choose to move away from blog forums and go their own way simply because they feel restricted with what they can do with their blog. With the MySHH CMS you will be able to manage all aspects of your Web blog and skip the boxed profile. It has a clean and clear structure and it lets you represent your own personality through the blog.

When choosing a MySHH blog site you can:
  1. Choose your own colours for your design
  2. Choose between multiple design options
  3. Your blog site is user friendly on ALL devices
  4. You can manage ALL aspects of your own blog site
  5. Provide your readers with more in depth information about yourself

    Who you are

    Your social information

    Your blog interests etc.

Let them know who you are and what you love!

  1. You create unlimited posts
  2. Write longer blog posts
  3. Have your own Private gallery
    Upload pictures and videos to your private gallery
  4. Unlimited video uploading
  5. An easy to use CMS
  6. A unique domain name
  7. Add your social media links straight on to your blog site





    let people and potential businesses find you on the web!


Since this is a BRAND NEW PRODUCT and has not yet been added to the website, please contact MySHH via email or phone to get more FREE information!






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